Dogleg Levers

Dogleg Levers-GTS

Dogleg Levers

Our Dogleg Levers for the GTS and LX are now shipping. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, they provide the same range of motion as the stock levers while reducing the reach by about 5mm. Sold as a pair and available in a silver brushed aluminum finish.

Fitting the GT125, GT200, GTS, GTV, and Super

Fitting the LX50-150, S50-150

Healing Exhaust Ointment

Healing Exhaust Ointment

Healing Exhaust Ointment

We've all been there:
The graphite exhaust bushing on the GT/GTS may last a month or a year but seems to always blow out when you are far from home or a shop. So, we learn from our mistakes, order two of them and toss one in the pet carrier, the other in the tool box so that the next time it goes out... we find that it's been crushed by tools and other things bouncing around.

Well, not anymore.

Our "Healing Exhaust Ointment", provides a heavy duty plastic case that safely stores your exhaust bushing, assuring it's in perfect shape when you need it most. Just enough room to accommodate the bushing (Piaggio part number 846097) in it's original packaging.


Snowflake, Oil Filter Wrench

Snowflake Oil Filter Wrench

Snowflake, Oil Filter Wrench

Compact and light weight wrench that provides a firm grip on the oil filter for consistent hand tightening. Two styles to choose from to fit "Vintage" (original slotted Piaggio and ALL aftermarket) and "Modern" (new Piaggio 21mm hex head) filters.

Fits oil filter on Piaggio LEADER and QUASAR engines (125-300cc) including ET4, LX150, GT200, GTS250,GT60, BV200, BV250, MP3-250 and many others.

Select Style

Uncle Bob's Rack Clamp

Rack Clamp

Rack Clamp

Designed and manufactured in California as a secure and durable replacement clamp for the rear rack of the GTS. Unlike the stock plastic clamp, this one will hold the rack securely down without falling off the first time you hit a bump. Fits the factory GTS rear rack as well as Vespa accessory folding rear rack for the Super, S, and LX.

$19 Uncle Bob's Rack Clamp

3D Printed Parts

The following parts are designed by OopsClunkThud and produced and delivered through Shapeways. This allows us to make low volume complex parts available at a reasonable price. The items displayed here have been tested and found to hold up in the materials being offered.

Medical, accessories for the Dexcom G4 & 7+